Bellevue, WA


Dental Care in Bellevue, WA

At Brilliant Smiles Bellevue in Bellevue, WA, one of our goals is to increase the public's education about general dentistry. We have many charts and molds in our offices to help patients better understand dental hygiene. Dental charts and replicas also come in handy when we're explaining exactly what the problem is with a tooth and how we will treat it.

Convenient and Affordable Dental Care

We'll provide a personalized, gentle procedure whether you need a tooth cleaning, a root canal, or a tooth pulled. If you're in need of an X-ray, you won't have to go to a hospital to get one as we have digital machines right on the premises. You can choose to pay by cash, credit card, debit card, or check, and we have affordable payment options.

The staff at Brilliant Smiles Bellevue provides general dentistry services to clients in the Greater Bellevue area. Contact us today. We're available Monday - Thursday, 7:30am - 4:00pm, and Friday, by appointment.